50 fiat and 20 cryptocurrencies now available on Abra

Abra has a great new find; it introduced the World’s first multi-cryptocurrency wallet and Exchange. By this they mean, it can support 20 different cryptocurrencies and up to 50 fiat currencies in a single app. It is inclusive of real-time exchange services across all 70 currencies which allow the users to buy, sell or store any of these within the Abra app and exchange without any limitations. This makes it the only app in the entire globe with this all-in-one smartphone application and all capabilities.

Many have excitedly announced the addition of their currencies on the platform:

Ripple’s official Twitter handle posted earlier this morning:

Ripple’s Twitter announcement

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin posted earlier on Twitter:

“Abra chose Litecoin over Bitcoin Cash because of Litecoin’s better security and its adherence to Bitcoin’s scalability roadmap. ?? #flappening”

In the United States, users can fund wallets across the world with Bitcoin, ACH or via bank wires and is supported by American Express cards. There is no need for any additional KYC details apart from their phone number while depositing Bitcoins. They have also stated that native support for Litecoin and Ether deposits will be added very soon.

The best feature is the no transaction fee for currency exchanges.

Technology Backstage

Abra created one of a kind stable coin platform and integrated exchange to bring up this product. It supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies using a combination of LTC and BTC based contracts.

Jonathan Bem, a crypto enthusiast is all ecstatic when he commented:

“This is awesome!! I am very impressed with the quick responses from the development team. We will definitely look into your Android Exchange. We look forward to seeing other coins that we have in our portfolio added to your platform.”

There were a lot of questions and doubts posted on their forum to which the team responded quickly. Here are few of the clarifications:

Q: I hope you already have web services. Most crypto enthusiasts are on the internet via web browsers.

“We are actively looking forward to extending Abra’s platform to the web. However, in the short-term, we are focusing on development efforts on iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback though!”

Q: When will we be able to exchange Digibyte? On behalf of the DigiByte Design Team, I would like to point out that you are using the outdated DigiByte logo and ‘’Digibyte’’ name. ‘’DigiByte’’ is the official name with capital B and we would highly appreciate if you could update to the rebranded one as soon as possible in order to avoid any confusion for the new DigiByte users and ensure brand consistency and trust.

“Thanks for letting us know, we’ll make the logo change promptly!”

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