New ICO: FidelityHouse ICO, FLIPNPIK ICO, MeliorAI ICO

NEW ICO listed:

Today, FidelityHouse ICO is a content aggregation platform that combines crowdsourcing journalism and social media oriented information. It is a Social Content Network that changes the way people make ‘information’, making it more simple, multimedia, social and fair.

The registered user is welcomed by the Community which is the real engine of FidelityHouse, where it can meet people with the same interests, follow the worthiest authors or contribute by posting interesting contents for other users. All original contents published are remunerated in relation to visits received, in FidelityHouse Coins, FidelityHouse cryptocurrency.

FLIPNPIK ICO vision: Become the first Collaborative Social Media for local businesses operating in an Ecosystem based on the Blockchain technology, in which the value generated is distributed in an equitable and decentralized manner among all active collaborators.

The goal: Connect the FlipNpik ICO collaborative Platform to the Blockchain in order to offer local businesses efficient, affordable and secure digital solutions and allow users to monetize their social media engagements.

MeliorAI ICO is a research, development and solutions provider company. We are already generating revenue and our family of competitive e-commerce products and vibrant research and development pipeline will see the company achieve its vision to ‘Democratise Artificial Intelligence’.

We have already developed our own Machine Learning, Neural Network and Deep Learning models.

Our extensive research has focused on (reusable and multi-purpose) Natural Language and Image Understanding.

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