New ICO: Binax ICO, KlickZie ICO, IronX ICO review

Binax ICO review

Binax ICO is a global decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform offers outstanding advantages for traders with its high liquidity and convenient transaction functions. There is digital wallet and best leading security practices. Our platform is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors.

KlickZie ICO review

Tautachrome is launching the KLK cryptocurrency to support a global trade in goods, services and digital information made possible by its newly patented KlickZie ICO technologies, and required to support the immediacy, transparency, security and global reach of this commerce.

The Company has developed patented and patent pending technologies branded “KlickZie technologies.” These technologies are being developed as two smartphone app platforms, the KlickZie ICO ArK platform (the “ArKnet”) and the KlickZie ICO Activated Imagery platform.

IronX ICO review

The IronFX Group (IronX ICO) has recognised the glaring need to create a regulated, service-focused, high- standards and strict-procedures exchange that facilitates funding via both FIAT and CRYPTO currencies. The IronFX Group explores the possibility to build a seamless bridge between crypto trading and traditional online trading.

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