Crypto Community Celebrates as Craig Wright Removes His Twitter Account – What Is Going To Happen With Bitcoin SV?

Craig Wright, the Australian cryptographer who founded blockchain software development company nChain and creator of Bitcoin SV (BSV), a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), is infamous for claiming that he’s Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, and for provoking the Bitcoin Cash war of November 2018.

While Wright claims to be Satoshi, he has yet to provide any evidence at all to prove that he is, and is notorious for making false claims and aggressively arguing with those who disagree with him.

In fact, in light of Wright’s controversial statements, he has attracted a great deal of copious criticism from the cryptocurrency community, especially from supporters of Bitcoin (BTC).

Craig Wright Controversy on Twitter – Did He Delete His Account?

In an effort to avoid being publicly criticized, Wright habitually blocked users on Twitter who disagreed and debated with him. However, the disgruntled crypto community would not let Wright’s ignorance prevail, and many created spoof accounts to mock and challenge Wright’s controversial statements.

One of these accounts which enabled blocked Twitter users to continuously heckle with Wright’s controversial tweets was an account named “Fake-toshi Bot.” This account would copy “Fake Satoshi’s” tweets and publish them, so that all of Wright’s blocked users could interact with his public statements.

Over the weekend, Wright became distraught over these spoof accounts and even threatened legal action against some of these accounts, claiming they violate the Twitter terms of service or US copyright law.

As Tweeted by Wright and redistributed by the “Fake-toshi Bot” account, the tweet can be seen below.

As seen from the tweet above, Wright’s tweet was copied and redistributed by the “Fake-toshi Bot” account. In an effort to prevent this from happening again, Wright moved over to a protected Twitter account and claimed that those who lampoon his comments via this account will be in breach of “DMCA” (Digital Millenium Copyright Act).

Sure enough, as seen in the tweet above, the notorious “Fake-toshi Bot” account redistributed Wright’s tweet despite legal threats.

Craig Wright’s Twitter Account Is Suspended or Deleted

Finally, after being fed up with the redistribution of his tweets, Wright seemingly suspended or deleted his account.

A final tweet from the “Fake-toshi Bot” account read:

More celebration of the demise of Wright comes from @hodlonaut, the user behind the start of the Bitcoin lightning torch movement, who tweeted:

At the time of writing, Wright’s account is either suspended from enough Twitter users reporting the account or deleted by Wright. fed up with the heckling.

What do you think about Craig Wright? How will his reputation and the suspension or deletion of his Twitter account affect the Bitcoin SV (BSV) project? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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