EOS destroys Ethereum [ETH] in dApp usage, over 4x more users as gambling apps take the spotlight

Many have claimed distributed apps [dApps] are the next frontier in the blockchain space. Recently, prominent dApp blockchains Ethereum [ETH] and EOS saw about 65000 daily active users on their platforms.

dApps are similar to existing applications, instead offering decentralization as their main difference. This drives those who are focused on removing central servers and parties from their application to develop dApps. Moreover, users will also be able to use them with no need for a server-side implementation of the application, as it functions off a smart contract.

The computing required by the application is usually outsourced to the blockchain. This makes the number of users on dApps on a platform a good indicator of how much the platform is being used.

Out of the 65,000 users, around 51,000 were on EOS. Out of these, a whopping 45,000 were on dApps related to gambling. However, the top dApp is one known as PRA CandyBox and boasts of over 6000 users in the last 24 hours. It is followed by EOS Knights and BetDice, which have 1800 and 800 users respectively.

A majority of EOS is exchanged through the gambling dApps, with over $760 million processed through the top 6 gambling apps in the last 25 hours. Gambling dApps exist as one of the most popular options for players, as the presence of the app on the blockchain allows for a fair bet made every time.

By contrast, the dApp with most users on Ethereum is the 333Eth dApp, with around 2233 users in the past 24 hours. IDEX and ForkDelta, which are both decentralized exchange platforms, are second and third with 1400 and 1000 users respectively.

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