EPO Initiates First Major Blockchain Conference

At the event, the participants explore more about their entanglement into blockchain patent as an applicant. Also, various stakeholders as the techniques are applicable to an ever-increasing technical field.

In a session, António Campinos, the EPO President emphasizes on technologies linking the fourth industrial revolution are boosting ever more momentum. Also, each member in IP should have a grip with technical developments which will drive the market of great change. Moreover, they need to adapt and understand their impact as well.

He also notes that blockchain patent applications are quite rising fast. Moreover, he specifies that such patents are mostly under EPO examination according to stable criteria. This criterion came into existence on the basis of case law associating the computer implementing inventions.

Our examination guidelines are constantly reviewed and adapted to ensure these criteria are transparent and that our practice remains predictable, both to examiners and external stakeholders.

The initial keynote speakers points on the following:

  • Blockchain basics,
  • Setting up the main principles,
  • Key players,
  • Areas of using this new technology,
  • The future impact

The influence of new technology has seen to rapidly develop a majority of the field. Moreover, it connects to various unfolding digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI). There were other topics that were initiated over the course of meeting like:

After analyzing an emerging patent landscape, there has been a steep growth in patent applications from 2015. It was a trend which drives various technical fields into action like AI and self-driving vehicles.

Lastly, at the meeting, Alberto Casado, the Vice-President of Operations at EPO highlights a potential that blockchain holds. The blockchain technology, basically in terms of innovation for limitless use cases. He says that we are just looking at the beginning of a great revolution. This technology evolves from the financial sector, however, is taking control over numerous industrial applications.

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