Cryptopia: Huobi exchange responds to allegations of having received stolen Ethereum [ETH]

The New Zealand-based exchange, Cryptopia, has been making headlines since January 2019 for all the wrong reasons. In a recent update to the infamous episode which cost the exchange $16 million in ETH, a report alleged that a portion of the stolen funds were transferred to and received by a Huobi deposit address. The report also stated that hackers might pull the cash out through the Huobi hot wallet.

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange responded to the allegations in a tweet, stating that the ‘Huobi security team’ had ‘frozen’ the funds and are ‘monitoring the situation closely.’

This was in response to @WhaleAlert, the tracker of large cryptocurrency-related transactions, which confirmed that $7.74 million in ETH  was transferred from Cryptopia hack to an unknown wallet, through a tweet. @WhaleAlert also stated that it was ‘very likely’ that the stolen funds went to a ‘Huobi deposit wallet.’

“30,790 #ETH (7,740,465 USD) transferred from Cryptopia Hack to unknown wallet..[] The recent Cryptopia Hack transfer very likely went to a #Huobi deposit wallet. From there it has probably been sold for other coins.”

The transfer of funds took place a few days after Cryptopia announced that it was undergoing liquidation process. As a precaution, the exchange had requested its users to stop sending deposits to the exchange. It tweeted,

Cryptopia encountered issues after it suffered a massive security breach in January 2019, leading to the loss of $16 million in ETH and other tokens. The initial hack was followed by another, this taking place towards the end of January and costing the exchange ETH worth $4.84 million. In March, post the hacks, the exchange briefly resumed its services. Last week, Cryptopia’s website was offline for almost 8 hours, following which the exchange announced that it was undergoing liquidation process.

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