600,000 ETH Withdrawn From Bitfinex Vote For ProgPoW

A massive whale or group of whales wants to see ProgPoW go through with $73 million worth of eth voting in favor of it in the past 24 hours.

That has shifted the eth holders vote from close to unanimously against to now just 23% against while 76% of the eth cast is currently in favor.

Most of the eth that has voted in favor of ProgPoW come from an account that withdrew from Bitfinex 450,000 eth about two years ago during circa March 2017.

The funds stay in that 0x900 account until they are withdrawn a month ago to the address that voted in favor of ProgPoW at about 2AM London time, meaning the holder is probably an American.

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He previously has come out against ProgPoW, but now a 3x bigger whale has been able to tilt the three days old vote.

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Suggestions has been made that this vote is not binding, including on the voting page itself, but as the proposal to change ethereum’s Proof of Work algorithm is controversial, it is unclear how else a decision can be made.

Just as it is unclear how long this vote is meant to last, with previous comparable votes lasting between a week and a month.

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