Russia’s Ruling Party Unveils Blockchain-based E-voting Platform

United Russia, the ruling party of Russia, launched a blockchain-based platform for electronic voting, according to local news agency TASS. The new system is expected to improve election transparency and eliminate intermediates in the electoral process.

The party has updated its website with the added function of e-voting for its primaries, for nominating party candidates at all levels for the general elections.

Only those citizens who had completed the authorization process on the web portal providing electronic state services can participate in and vote.

United Russia’s IT projects head Vyacheslav Sateyev noted that the vote counting process will be implemented using blockchain technology.

Blockchain-based voting system has been adopted by many cities around the world in recent times as such system could make elections faster, cheaper and more secure.

Last month, the city council of Moscow reportedly submitted a bill to use blockchain technology for an electronic voting system. In January, Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Center or NECTEC developed blockchain technology to use in elections, according to the Bangkok Post.

Last year, Southern Russian region Saratov Oblast had conducted a blockchain-based election. Also last year, the city of Zug in Switzerland successfully tested a blockchain-based voting system.

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