Deloitte To Develop Blockchain-powered Digital Identity For Government

Accounting services firm Deloitte has partnered blockchain-based digital identity startup Attest to develop digital identity solutions for its government client. It will offer blockchain-backed government-issued IDs that will help in protecting personal data of citizens.

Deloitte will work with Attest to bring blockchain-enabled technologies such as decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials to the government.

The government-issued digital identity has the potential to reduce costs and risk for businesses in all industries, while it also provides citizens with greater security, privacy and control over personal data.

Deloitte’s digital ID management system will consist of two products from Attest’s user-centric digital identity offerings, Attest Wallet and Attest Enterprise.

Attest Wallet is a consumer application that offers users offers users privacy and security when sharing verified personal data with governments and businesses.

Meanwhile, Attest Enterprise provides governments and businesses a complete set of powerful authentication, authorization and consent management tools that can be integrated into any system with two simple application programming interfaces.

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