Tron [TRX] has a vibrant community that is passionate about P2P technology, says VP of uTorrent

Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron Foundation, announced that uTorrent was elected to be a part of the Tron Super Representative election.

Justin Sun on Twitter announced:

“µTorrent got elected by the community to become #TRONSR … We welcome the community to keep voting! $TRX”

The announcement was followed by the Vice President of Engineering of uTorrent, David Rees taking about Tron Super Representative and the Tron community. The Vice President said that they were looking to leverage their experience in the peer-to-peer technology such as cryptocurrency. uTorrent team was trying to play a major role in the cryptocurrency market and the “obvious partner” for this was Tron.

David stated that Tron has a vibrant community which is passionate about peer-to-peer technology. He said that uTorrent would have taken part in the Super Representative even with Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent. The uTorrent team will constantly keep the community updated through its social media platforms and their blog.

uTorrent also announced their participation on Twitter:

“Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we provide the infrastructure needs to meet the demands of the #TRON ecosystem. The entire team is proud to be joining the 26 other Super Representatives. Thank you once again for your votes!”

The Super Representative Program has been a huge success with over 64 candidates now a part of the program. As an SR member of the Tron Foundation, they will have a major role in the future governance structure of the firm and will mainly represent the interests of the Tron community.

The latest addition to the Super Representative is uTorrent, the Torrent application that allows users to download and format torrents. Tron Foundation has stated that this addition is a logical follow up after the acquisition of BitTorrent.

Agfnzn, a Twitterati says:

“I have been using uTorrent for years and you guys do a great job and now the best is coming.”

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